Display the weather

Explain and justify your progress with the current weather. 
You can add it as a contribution to your element:

  1. In the comment section of your element, click on the <+>. 
  2. Scroll until you see the <weather logo>
  3. You get a display of the current weather in your geolocalisation 
  4. Click on <send> to validate


or add it directly, as an annotation of one of your pictures: 

  1. After clicking on <+> to add an element
  2. When your camera is open, click to take a picture
  3. Choose the arrow to extend all annotation options 
  4. Click on <weather>
  5. Choose the size and the place you want your weather to be displayed in the photo. 
  6. Click on <Continue> to validate 
  7. Follow the different steps until you have created your element. 


That information will be visible on your pdf reports. 

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