I have a sync error

When you attempt to synchronise your project, does an error message appear?


Please check these various points:

Step 1

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of FINALCAD. If this is not the case, please refer to those articles.
  2. Are you connected to the Internet (Wifi) or a cellular (3G/4G) network?
  3. Is it a network with a good speed (no outages or restrictions)? Test the connection by trying to open a website. Does the page display quickly?

If your connection is not stable, you can test later with another method of connecting.


Step 2

Despite various attempts, on different networks (public wifi, 4G, private wifi) you are still having problems?

Please send the information below via email to support@finalcad.com:

  1. The project number preceded by a "#" (on the right when you carry out a "Synchronisation")
  2. Date of your last synchronisation (date and time indicated under the "Synchronisation" feature)
  3. Are there other tablets on the same project? If yes, are they experiencing the same problem?
  4. Are you having other problems on the tablet? If yes, are you also having synchronisation problems?
  5. On the affected project, carry out a filter filter; select "All" in the "Statuses" category on the bottom left
  6. Go to the bottom of your project (with the list of sectors), click on "menu" then "Share or Export". Finally, "Export issues" (the first at the top of the list)
  7. Tap on "+" to generate the documents and download the excel file
  8. Attach it to the email to be sent to the support team

(Detailed procedure of the issues excel: On iOSOn AndroidOn Windows)

By sending us this information, we can investigate and give you an answer as soon as possible.

/!\Attention: do not delete the project or the application unless we give you authorisation, or you may lose the last information entered.


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