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There are several types of reports available in Finalcad:

  • An export is a document that has been generated directly from the app. It is a digital version of the data that exists in the app, with no analysis or additional information.
  • A report can be generated manually in the app or automatically by our servers. It contains statistical elements in addition to the app data.

In this article, we will discuss the reports you can generate directly in your app. The reports which are sent to you via email and generated automatically will be dealt with in the article “My reports by email”.

Note: You can also export your reports directly on the FC Classic Manager platform. More information in the “Settings” section. 


Retrieving a report

Generating reports by email can also be launched from the app by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Select the menu.
  2. Select < Reports >.
  3. Press < Reports dispatch >.
  4. Select the recipients for this report. 
  5. Select < Selected reports > if you want to change the reports that have been sent. 
  6. Choose the reports you want to send. 
  7. Go back to the previous page to start sending.

Bear in mind that if you want to create and extract specific reports which are not available as standard in our offerings, you can do this directly from our Finalcad Manager platform. For more information, please refer to “Configuration” section. 


Creating a manual issue report

If you need to extract the list of issues for a particular area or sector directly from your tablet, all you have to do is following the steps below: 

  1. Select the level or area from which you want to export the issues.
  2. Select the menu.
  3. Select < Reports >. 
  4. Select < Reports > again.
  5. You can choose to use a consecutive numbering system if you wish. Select this option if you do not want the addressee to see the gaps between the issue numbers. 
  6. Several reports are available:
    • < Project report > for exporting all issues for this project.
    • < Sector’s report > for exporting this level only.
    • < Zone’s report > for exporting the issues in this area only.


When you have selected the report type, you simply have to start the generation of a new document.

7. (Android) Select the " + " icon to generate a new report containing two files: 1 in Excel format and 1 in PDF format. // (iOS) Select < Generate >.(Android) Tap on < i > to display the document. // (iOS) Select the eye.

8. When you select files, you can:

9. Share them by email or via any messaging application installed on your smartphone.

10.Delete them.



Creating a custom report

This option is available in step 5 when you select a filter for your issues beforehand. Imagine you need to extract all of the issues for the plumbing company for which the resolution deadline has passed. 

After you have selected the “Company” filter, select “Plumbing” and then the “Status” filter which will be equal to “Overdue”. Then, export your issues by selecting “Personalized report” to create a PDF and an Excel file of the filtered issues. 


Creating a combined report

A combined report corresponds to a combination of a form and a list of issues. This is especially useful during a handover of work or a technical element for combining the handover control sheet with the issues that are still to be solved. 

It should be noted that this option requires the use of a form. Form is available according your license.

Once the control sheet has been completed in the app, use the filters to select the issues which are linked to the work’s handover.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 above and select “Customer report”.

3. Then select the option “Combined report”

4. link the control sheet to the list of issues.

5. Then you just have to “generate” your new report.


Note: In order to export a form from your tablet, refer to the article on this subject in the section “Control > Export & Reports”. 


Some articles pertaining to using the Issues module: 


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