Build your best with Finalcad One

Finalcad One allows easy project management with collaborative work groups, to gather all members in a unique platform.

Now all you need can be found on one platform, Finalcad One.


New multifaceted platform (mobile, web, plugin) with the same data, an intelligent interface where each member has access to multiple features, according to defined rights.


Finalcad One brings you much more than a fusion of Finalcad Classic (Maps, issues and forms) and Finalcad Live (Notifications, events and workflow): 

  • Home, to monitor project and recent activities with statistics,
  • Groups, cross-platform centralized messaging service, with real-time sharings to keep in touch with coworkers, 
  • Quick and comprehensive record of observations with pictures and documents to speed up your worksites, 
  • Quick understanding of current activities onsite by push notifications of observations/forms 
  • Forms, a preventive and proactive approach for your walk-through, 
  • Libraries of templates to harmonize and standardize elements used through projects. 
  • and more ...

The interface is available 

  • on your mobile phone ;
  • on you computer via web ;
  • on your AutoCAD via the CAD or Revit plugin.
  • through our API

Take advantage of our mulilingual platform, you can display the interface in :

Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Dutch, Italian, German and Catalan.


Build your best with Finalcad One.

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