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March 9th, 2023

Finalcad One — version 2.14

👀 See and control all information in my workspaces projects 

Workspace admin are able to see all project and their content of their workspaces.


🌠 Gallery view

Access to all modules photos. This view will save you time to know what to do or to monitor.
Only on Android, soon on iOS


📆 Mobile alignment on report filter

Add filter by date and form model in report

February 28th 2023

Finalcad One — version 2.13

👇 Sort project

You are now able to sort your project list by alphabetical , update date or end date to gain time to access them. (Mobile only)

📸 Auto save

Save in your device all the project photos

Count update in plan list depending on filter

Make more comprehensive the count displayed on plan list

⏩ Navigate easily from one plan to another

Use the new options to switch from one plan to another without returning to the list


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