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November, 16th  2022

Finalcad One — version 2.6


Access our last features Mobile

🔔 Be aware a new version is available

A new version is available and your app is still not updated after 10 days? A banner will appear on your home screen to propose you to update your app to get the last feature.



🆕 Ease discovery of our new feature

Get up to date with easy access to our last feature explanation



ℹ️ Ease onboarding inside the application

Open the different help page in our app directly to quickly understand the feature.


✏️ Apple Pencil - iOS only

Use what you are familiar with. If you’re an Apple Pencil user, it’s now possible to use it to annotate a plan, a picture or to sign in a form field.

No need to change your habits while using the application


🔐 Access right improvement for restricted guests

Limited editor can now comment and add pictures observations and forms available for them

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