General presentation

Finalcad One is a unique cross-platform collaboration tool available on:

  • IOs
  • Android
  • Web
  • Autocad & Revit (Plugins)
  • Through API


The configuration of our application will allow you to reproduce your structure and your operation through the workspaces. Customize each element according to your business branches or the technical specificities of certain projects.


With Finalcad One, gain autonomy over all aspects of a project: you can do everything, alone or with help, for yourself or for others! On our platform, you have control over all aspects of settings and customization, assignment, processing, validation process, ... you will be the only master on board. (Subject to being an administrator)

Finally, capitalize on your experience and create, as your projects progress, forms, defects libraries or processes adapted to your business and your way of proceeding.

Libraries are nevertheless available by default from the start, to support you in the first projects.

Go quickly to Finalcad One to benefit from the different modules offered by the application:

  • Blueprints Storage and elements location
  • Creation of custom modules
  • A documents module for displaying and sharing essential information
  • Discussion groups to discuss specific topics
  • Reports to extract and share information outside the application

The app is available in:
Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Dutch, Italian, German and Catalan

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