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Do you want to share information about your projects in a transparent way? Do you want to banish redundant information and time-consuming tasks? Digitize your internal processes? Ok, let's dot it. But how to integrate it with your existing tools? 

Discover Finalcad One's public APIs!


In collaboration with our technical teams, you will be able to directly connect your internal tools to Finalcad One and make information flow easily.

Some examples of use cases:

  • Integration with your ERP (e.g. SAP) to upload defect lists and quality control forms internally and measure the progress of your site.
  • Integration of HR & IS tools (e.g. Workday) to collect the digital maturity of field teams.
  • Integration of ISO standards to measure quality directly from the field thanks to observations and forms.

Want to know more? Follow this link: https://developer.finalcad.com/ 



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