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Finalcad partners with LeanCo! Let's all simplify the construction together.


LeanCo ? It is the company that publishes software solutions allowing construction professionals to take advantage of the concepts of Lean Management, in particular through one of its planning tools.


LeanCo and Finalcad have as their first objective to reduce delays on construction sites by up to 30% by deploying the principles of Lean Management among construction professionals, particularly at the level of general contractors. The synchronization of the Leanco Planning site tool with the Finalcad One field platform will thus make it possible to drastically reduce the processing time for blocking points that arise during the works, by combining the benefits of rigorous planning with collaborative management. the resolution of hazards and unforeseen events.


Defining the level of priority, displaying the status but also providing a deadline, all elements that allow you to optimize the deadlines on your site. You will be able to increase business productivity while maximizing satisfaction.


For more information or answers to your technical questions related to the LeanCo solution, we invite you to :

  • Check their Q/A
  • Contact them by email at: contact@leanco.fr



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