✍️Finalcad One & iBAT

Finalcad partners with iBAT TIME! Let's work together in efficiency and traceability.


iBAT? It is the publisher of digital solutions to manage 100% of site expenses in real time.

There are many hazards and blocking points on construction sites and requests for additional work are frequent. With Finalcad One, construction industry has a simple and ergonomic solution to monitor the progress of their sites and deal with the vagaries of their projects. But these unforeseen events can impact the work schedule...


From now on, by associating Finalcad One with IBAT TEMPS, the work team planning, clocking and management application offered by IBAT, work supervisors and site managers will be able to better control team planning and identify in real time any deviations on hours worked versus budgeted hours.


Our combined expertise thus allows construction professionals to benefit from a solution adapted to their specific needs to optimize the monitoring of their sites both from an operational point of view and from a budgetary point of view.


This partnership represents an opportunity for our customers to take a further step towards the digitalization of site processes with a “zero paper” approach.



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