It's my company or subsidiary, and it is also companies who have invited me to work on its projects.



You can divide users into dedicated spaces by their profile such as subsidiary, department or speciality.

A parent workspace < EMEA >  contains 3 child workspaces such as; France, Spain and Germany.


As an user, I need to see all my projects, create, organize them.

Hackney Road


You are member of your project and your organization. 

Member of project A 


The role defined the access rights at project level and at the organization level.  

Organization Admin and Project Admin


As a user, I'd like to first chat with my coworkers, partner and customers, in a simple space, similar to WhatsApp, but fully integrated into Finalcad.

Plumber Group 

Provider Group

Template library

Templates at organization level for observations, forms, priorities & workflows

Observation library
Form template


An item designates the observations and forms. 

An observation

A form 

Categories and models

The list of common observation gather the most common observation on site and allow you to classify them. 

For my painting trade, some common observations can be: clean mark, re-do corner, re-do wall, etc


An observation is based on a photo, has a status and may be affected to a member with a due date. 

Select a common observation for your observation (clean mark) and add more details (photos, location, comment). 

Form template

A form template is available and can be editable on an organization level. 

For my Safety process, I use the same templates in my entire organisation, on all my projects. 


A form allows doing a control, an attestation or a checklist on your site. 

Select a template for your form (Safety), assign it to a referent and follow its progress thanks to a percentage of completion. 



This blue icon is added for the basic forms offered by Finalcad.

You cannot edit them, but you can duplicate and edit to the format as you want.
Draft.png If the form is in draft mode, all the fields are editable in the form builder. It is not available in projects.
published.png If the form is in published mode, the form is not editable nor any fields. A project admin can make this form available in project.
default.png Deployed by default: the form is deployed by default in all projects in the organization.
Available.png Available: the form is available. In order to be visible on mobile devices, it should be added inside a project on project page
Not_available.png Not available: the form is not available and cannot be added in project of organization.


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