Add a company to my project

After you register your companies for a project, you can assign one company to an observation/form. Let's see how we do it.


Once an observation/form is tagged to a company, the company members will receive a notification on mobile, and they can see and modify this element. Here find an article on how to affect an observation or a form to a company. 


How can I register companies?

  1. Go to the project home page FINALCAD One Web.
  2. Click on < Companies > in the left bar.
  3. Click on < Add companies > 
  4. Enter a company name.
  5. Click on < Add >




How can I register members of a company ? 

  1. Go to project homepage onFinalcadOne Web.
  2. Click on the three dots icon of same line of the company, and click on  < Edit  members >
  3. Click on members to select and < Apply  > to complete





If you do not find a person that you would like to add, then check if those persons are registered in a project. Otherwise, add them to a project first then to a company. Please see this article

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