1. Oncedownloaded, the plugin is available in the "Add-ins" tab of the Autocad banner.
  2. Click on “+” and open a new plan to activate the plugin.
  3. “Log in” allows you to connect (see this article) or to disconnect from your account (this button is available after the step 2) 
  4. “About” shows you the current plugin version (this button is available after the step 2) 
  5. “Help Center” for direct access to our Help Center.(this button is available after the step 2)
  6. The “Login” button becomes “Account”. By selecting it, you can log out (this button appears after login) 
  7. “Show / Hide Panels” allows you to open or close the tools and project side panels.(this button appears after login) 
  8. “Publish changes” to synchronize updates with FC One Mobile and FC One Web.(this button appears after login) 
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