How to see 3D BIM models on my device

Finalcad BIM viewer has come back !

A user can view 3D model in any device using Finalcad One, both web and mobile.


Compatible file types : 


Analyse your structure in 3D

Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_12.15.27.png  Visit your model 

You are free to move around inside / outside of your 3D model.




Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_12.15.43.pngmeasure function 

It allows you to measure distance between two points. 





It allows you to measure an angle.


Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_15.44.14.pngSlice the model  

This function enables you to slice the model in X, Y and Z axes. 

If you want to quit this function to see the entire model, please close the Finalcad One BIM viewer. 

  1. In the tool bar, click on the icon of the cut, and choose the slice type
    • Add X dimension to slice the object along the X axe.
    • Add Y dimension to slice the object along the Y axe.
    • Add Z dimension to slice the object along the Z axe
  2. Drag the ring and arrow sign until the model shows what you would like to see. 
  3. To quit the function, click on the icon to deactivate the slice mode. 




    Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_12.16.04.pngSplit view 





    Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_12.16.12.pngFilter of elements




    Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_12.16.20.pngElement property

    Choose an element then click on the icon Property to see the details. 




    Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_12.16.29.pngBIM viewer configuration


    Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_12.16.37.png  Full screen view




    To see 3D model, you need an internet connection. 

    Please note that it sometimes takes time to load BIM models on your devices depending on your file size, network or your device performance.


    Install pluginFinalcad One Revit

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