Field types - Multiple answer


The multi-answer field will allow the member to independently manage the number of answers. Two examples of possible uses:

  • taking pictures
  • the attendance sheet


  1. Complete the “Question” field with the title of this field.
  2. Select the type of response.
  3. Select the gear icon to enter the options, then “Image only” to let the member to add as many photos as needed.
  4. Select the option "Use the answer as a subform title" to directly display the answer.


Example of the attendance sheet


5. Complete the "Question" field with the title of this field, here "Attendance sheet ".

6. Select the type of question. All field types are available

7. You can define a type of answer. In our case, we will add 3 sub-questions of different types:

  • Short answer type “Last name”
  • Short answer type “First name”
  • Signature type “Signature”.

8. Select the gear to open the options for each sub-question.


The number of sub-question is unlimited.

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