Create / Add a new module in your project

Mobile Web

You have the possibility to create from your Mobile app new modules.  

You have two options :

  • Use the by-default modules
  • create your own modules

During the creation of your project you can choose the module by default.

Finalcad, initially you can choose Observations and Forms,  then you can create your modules, there are some example : Task, Quality, Safety, Hygiene, Environment and Finance.


How to create a new module ?

  1. Create a new project, type a name and confirm. 
  2. Select the modules and your set.

You can now create your owm modules. 


  1. Choose < Add a module >.
  2. Click on < Add a module >.
  3. Name your module, choose a color and select a logo. 
  4. Then validate < Create >.  

Your new widget has been created. 


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