Go further with your camera

Using your camera to capture defects is a real asset to your site, it allows the to fasten the resolution of your defects. The photos gave great details and precious context. 

To go further, Finalcad allow you to zoom, annotate and blur your pictures! 



After clicking on the <+> to create an observation, you have to authorised the app to access your camera and then you will be able to use the following options : 

  1. Choose the zoom <1x>, for a large view
  2. Or <2x> for a more zoomed picture
  3. After you took the picture you can add an arrow, a circle, or a rectangle to point to an important element of the picture. 
  4. Write some text to highlight your message. 
  5. If some elements of your picture areas are confidential you can use our blurring tool (for faces, car matriculation, etc). 


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