Add a cropped plan in a form

Add a cropped plan inside of form



Do you want to show a precised localization for which a form is concerned ?

You can add a cropped / zoom of a plan with annotations.


  1. Choose the  form you want to add a cropped plan.
  2. Choose to add an attachement.
  3. Select < Extract of plan > .
  4. Your plan shows up. Capture the place you want to show in the form.
  5. Add annotations on plan. Now your cropped / zoomed plan is shown in the form as well as in the export.


To crop / zoom  correctly, two cases to fulfill :

  1. Your form template has a field <Attachment> Please see our article or contact to your organisation admin. 
  2. You have already localised this form on a plan. 


Add a cropped plan as a comment



You can leave your comment with a cropped/zoomed plan as well. With this function, members can see the cropped plan in the comment of the form. No one get lost where it is concerned. Easy to discuss, isn’t it ? 

  1. Choose your form.
  2. Inside of a form, add a comment choosing a  < + > in the corner of bottom left. 
  3. Select < Browse> .
  4. Select< Extract of plan >.
  5. Your plan shows up. Capture the place you want to show in the form.
  6. Add annotations on plan. Your comment is now visible in the comment section of the form. 
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