Manage your reports via email

The Finalcad PDF report has evolved and now allows you to generate a project export ready to be shared, directly from the web or mobile platform !


Mobile Web

Step 1 : 

Select <Reports> puis <New reports>

Step 2 :

Customize your report by selecting from all the options available :


A - PDF by company: will generate a PDF document for each company with the observations assigned to them.
B - Define criteria based on the properties of the observations. Observations must meet all the conditions entered to appear in the report.
C - Set a frequency to receive the report regularly as configured.
D - Add other recipients who will receive this report like you.

⚠️ The report received by the recipients will be the one edited with your visibility rights, so they will receive an exact copy of yours.
💡 In case of distribution to a subcontractor, remember to restrict according to the company in question in the filters (B).

Then validate with the buttons:


You will receive an email with the link to download the file(s).

The list of scheduled reports will appear in the Reports tab. A scheduled report cannot be edited but can be deleted.

N.B. :

  • email can be forwarded, and recipients can open the links
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