The workspace management

You can now group your users by territory, speciality, department or team ... Organise your workspace according to the structure of your company. 

Example : 

I am the director of a regional branch client of Finalcad, inside my branch, I have two agencies and in those two agencies, I have three specialities. 

These agencies and specialities can be organised and define their own process inside Finalcad (Specific Form, workflow or common observations). 

I will then set up the following architecture inside my Finalcad organisation. 



  • Create a workspace
    • Who? 
      • All organisation members can create workspaces and edit them. 
    • Why?
      • A workspace allows regrouping users
    • How?
      • From the "workspace" page, press the bouton 1."Create a workspace" or 1Bis or 2 to modify one. 



  • Access the workspace settings
    The settings of a workspace allow us to manage members who will have access to this workspace and could create projects inside this specific workspace. 

    • From the projects list you can access to the organisation settings

    • Press the blue button next to the names of your organisation

    • Choose the workspace that you want to access
  • Manage the members of the workspace

Add members to your organisation in the workspace to allow them to create projects inside. 

  • Access to the members' list inside a workspace 
    • To access the members' page from the workspace's setting click on <members>. 
      The creator of the workspace is by default member of it.  

    • Add a member
      • To add a member you can click on the button <Add members> 
        Only members already registered inside the organisation can be added as workspace members
    • Remove a member
      • Select the member
      • Click on the button on the top right of the user lists 
      • Select "Delete the workspace" 

        A member that has been deleted from a workspace, can not have access anymore the workspace nor create a project inside. They will always have the possibility to access projects inside this workspace if they are invited inside those projects.
    • Rights inside a workspace 
      • Action possible for a workspace member: 
        • access settings of the workspace
        • can add or delete members of the workspace 
        • can create projects inside the workspace 
        • they can do all those actions inside the sud-workspaces who they are members of
      • Visibility of the workspace for an organisation member 
        • a member of the organisation can see and access the workspace who they are a member of
        • A member of the workspace can see and access the sud-workspaces who they are members of
        • An organisation member can see and access only the workspace and the sud-workspaces who they are members of
      • Manage all the workspace
        • The workspace manager can delete, edit and create sub-workspace inside the workspace they are members of. 
Actions Member /Guess Workspace manager Organisation
See the workspace they are members of (or inferior) 🟒 🟒 🟒
Create projects inside the workspace who they. are members of (or inferior)  🟒Possible for members
πŸ”΄Not possible for guess
🟒 🟒
Add and delete the members inside the workspace.  🟒 🟒 🟒
See all the workspace of the organisation  πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ 🟒
Access all the projects inside of the organisation  πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ 🟒
Create/edit/delete all the workspace of the organisation  πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ 🟒
Create/edit/delete all sub-workspace of the organisation πŸ”΄ 🟒 🟒
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