Workspace, rights and roles

Workspace is an unit where you can group & assort users by area, agency, speciality, team or department. It is up to you and your company how to organise workspace.

Workspace members can create their projects inside of workspace, which let members to work more easily and autonomously. 




A workspace member can : 


  • access to parameters of the workspace.
  • add and remove members from the workspace.
  • create projects inside of this workspace if the person is a member or an admin of the organisation.
  • have the same rights over the child workspace if the person is a member of the parent workspace.


An organization member can / can not see workspaces : 


  • An organisation member see and can access to workspaces of which the person is a member.
  • A member of parent workspace can see and access to the child workspace.
  • An organisation member can see and access to both parent and child workspace of which the person is a member. 


About workspace management : 

  • A parent workspace manager can create, modify and delete child workspace inside. 
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