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The Plans module allows you to create folders and plans. Let’s follow the example of a folder creation.

  1. Select < Plans >.
  2. Select < Add locations >.
  3. Select < Folder >.
  4. Complete the folder name. 
  5. Select < Add an overview > to add a representative image of your folder.
  6. Select your image.
  7. At any time, find here the breadcrumb of your folder. 
  8. Validate with < Done >.


Here, you can see how to create a folder or a plan in a folder. 

  1. Select  the folder.
  2. Select the icon < + >.
  3. Select < Plan > (or < Folder >).
  4. Just as for folders, select your plans, then validate with < Done >.

Thus you can create subfolders or plans independently.

      5. Select < Edit > to modify them or delete them.


The observations or forms attached on a deactivated plans, will still be visible, unlike the plans. To learn how to place elements on your plans, read this article.

To better understand the plan module and its possibilities you can read our article on their management.
And to go further discover the parallel between plans and documents here.

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