Enjoy auto-partitioning feature by Artificial Intelligence, Finalcad smart zoning !

Our programme, Finalcad Smart Zoning, specially coded for a blueprint partitionning, will read your blueprint so that the building plan will be separated by its room/section property. 

This feature, derived from our experience of partitioning more than 10 years, is ow availble for all users without installing any Finalcad One Cad plugin, neither Autocad.


You will find it very practical to cut residence blueprint, which shows only one floor.


To use this feature please go to your project page in Finalcad One Web. 


  1. Click on < Plans >
  2. Click on  < Try partitioning >. A window opens.
  3. Drop your dwg file in a window. Drop only one file.
  4. Click on < Start partitioning >.
  5. The partitioning will take few minutes. A message will appear when the date is ready. 




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