Create a group



All members in a project can create groups. A group is a working space and communication that gather several members. 


  1. Select < Group >.
  2. Then click on the icon at the top right.
  3. Complete the group name.
  4. Select < Next >.
  5. Select the members that you want to add in your group.  
  6. Validate with < Create >.

Your group is now created, let’s see how to communicate inside the group.


* a group is created by default, it contains all the members of the project you can exchange and share elements!



For now, only private group are available.


If you want to understand the groups better you can readour introduction.


Then discover the different options available thanks to the following articles:

Adding members to groups
Group settings
The actions available in the group
Sharingplansanddocuments, forms, observations, etc.


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