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From your Group space you can share messages, add photos, share documents and even observations and forms.


  1. Click on the icon  < + >.
  2. Then select the type of item that you are willing to share, for example an observation. 
  3. Use the filter to find your item. 
  4. or Create a new item, icon < + >.
  5. The item that has been selected is now integrated to the discussion thread of your group. 





There are examples of all types of previews that you can obtain in a group. 


  1. Share a form.
  2. Share an observation. 
  3. Share a photo, taken directly in your group.  
  4. Share a message.
  5. Share a document.
  6. Share phone numbers or email addresses directly clickable from my groups.  
  7. Do a long tap on a message to edit it. 

Simpler than a conversation the groups allow you to share content directly linked to the progress of your project!



Add comment directly in the form or observation then share it in your group.


If you wish you can alsoshare plans.

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