Force the synchronisation of projects

It arrives that you suspect a difference between the data shown on your mobile and the data of your colleagues or on your web page, it could be a synchronisation issue. 
To solve it, in most case, you just have to force the synchronisation of your project when the network is stable. 

To do it, just follow the next steps : 




  1. From your application and in your project, click on your profil (top right)  
  2. Choose <Customer support> 
  3. Click on <Re-synchronize project>. 

If the problem is still not solved:
  1. Sign out from the app.
  2. Verify on the Store that you have the last version of the platform.
  3. Start again your device.
  4. Once reconnected in the application, on the opening page draw your screen down until an orange wheel appears. Then wait until the synchronisation is done. 
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