🔗Link a domain name to my Organization

Do you want all your collaborators to be able to land in your organization when they create an account on Finalcad? This feature is for you!

Note: only the administrator of an organization, having previously validated his email address, can view and modify this feature


With Finalcad One, you can create a permanent link between a domain name and an organization. Once this domain name is linked, future users who create an account with an email address including this domain name, will not be offered to create an organization, and will be automatically added to yours.


1 - Activate the domain name

2 - Define the role of the members who will join your organization with the domain name method.


IMPORTANT: only the domain names of users already added to the organization are displayed in the list.


Example case:

I am creating an "Academy" organization on Finalcad One. My company has a domain name for emails in "@aca-demy.com". As an administrator, my email being "me@aca-demy.fr", I am offered the option of activating this domain name.

A branch of the company has a domain name ending in "@aca-demy_ext.com". To also activate this domain name, I must first add a user with an email like "util@aca-demy_ext.com", then it appears in the list and can be activated.



I'm trying to add a new domain to the Allowed Email Domains setting, but it won't let me.

New allowed domains are restricted to the email domains of the admin of that workspace. To add a domain that isn't available, someone with an email address from that domain will have to be added as an admin in this organization.

I'm trying to activate a new domain to the Allowed Domains setting, but it won't let me.

Only organization admin users with a verified email address can edit the allowed domain setting. Check if your account is validated before updating the allowed domain setting.

Why do we verify email addresses?

Email address verification is required to use the allowed domain setting to be sure you are the owner of the mail address you are using.

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