I have connection issues

I did not receive the validation email

The validation email is sent when the domain name is attached to a Finalcad One organization. (For more information see this article)

1- If you are creating an account, check your email entry again

2- Sure about the email address entered or you are already connected? Check your spam box and allow  mails from @finalcad.com

3- Retry sending the validation email

4- You can always contact our support


I have an error when creating my account

An error can occur if :

1- You try to create an account without having validated your email (previous step) -but requested in your case-

2- You have a password that does not meet the validation criterias

    • 8 characters minimum
    • At least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase
    • If using special characters (&#@-_!/[]{}<>...), should work but try without ?
    • Your password cannot be one of your last 4 passwords.

3- You have an error that appears on the screen? (400, 500, ...)

    • Try using a private window (without your current session's history and cookies)
    • You can try again later if the error persists: our services may be experiencing a temporary difficulty
    • Contact our support


I no longer want to use SSO

Connecting via SSO means an authentication via Google, Microsoft or Apple. (upper part of the login page) it is based on identifiers that already exist with one of these three entities.

Creating an account via SSO creates a unique user identifier (UUID) which is the key to your account. A connection via another means (different SSO, or by mail directly) is not possible and would lead to the creation of a new UUID.

It will therefore be impossible for you to connect via email directly. We advise you to select and keep your means of access without change.

I don't remember my password

As part of a connection via SSO, we invite you to use the password recovery solution for the account in question (eg: Google method for a Gmail account) to regain your access.

As part of a connection by email, once it has been entered, click on the link "forgot your password?" and follow the 2 steps. You will receive by email a link for resetting your password.

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