All about plan partitioning

Why should you partition you plans?

If your plans show a large area or that you consider pinning more than 50 elements on one single plan, we recommend you to split them.

Partitioned plans will: 

  • make navigation between the different areas easier
  • improve the pins visibility
    • the pin position and its related room will be clearer, in particular if it is placed on a wall
    • your future reports will be easier to read
  • enable a better analysis of your items, making easier the position and type of zone knowledge (corridors, outdoors, technical facilities,...)

How should you partition you plans?

To split your plan, you have several options.

Try an auto-partitioning (free)

You can start by trying our auto-partitioning AI. This tool only works on housing constructions plans. We also recommend you to use this tool with plans without header, and with only one floor.

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Use our plugins

Our Revit and AutoCAD plugins make it possible for you to split your plans and had them to your project in autonomy. The plugin is directly synchronized to the FC One Mobile and Web apps.

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Contact our team

You can also make your partitioning done by our team.

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N.B.: To have clickable plans, your plan should be split with our plugins or by our team.

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