I'm not able to watch the added drawings

🔃 The plans that have just been added take a few seconds between their download and their display (after conversion possibly).

💡A file is definitely uploaded when the date appears on the plan line.

💡 In Mobile / Tablet use, make sure you have an internet connection when you first open the plan. The application loads it the very first time (or in case of an update).


My plan is displayed in white

I loaded a plan in the format:

  • DWG (native Autocad format): plans in DWG format are ideal for browsing the application. They will be converted when added to vector PDFs (with infinite zoom). *.DWG files must meet several criteria:
    • They must not have Xrefs attached (i.e. a plan must contain all the information to display: it must not call on other plans/files)
    • The first sheet (the one used by the application) must contain all the elements to be displayed with the related layers "on"
    • All the elements must be grouped together on the plan: the DWG to PDF conversion tool adapts the zoom so that all the elements appear. in the case of plans with sparse elements, the zoom could be too far back for the plans to display anything.
  • PDF (vectors):
    • Check that the PDF is displayed correctly outside the application
    • If the PDF is heavy, wait a few seconds if the display is done gradually
    • Try reloading the file
  • PDF (non-vectors):
    • the PDF contains an image too large to be displayed
    • The plan is a multi-page PDF: the selection fell on a blank page. Try to load the plan in the Document module
  • Picture (*.png , *.jpg)
    • The image is displayed correctly outside the application: try reloading the file
    • Am I logged in to download the file?

What format for my plans?

You can via the Plan module, download files in the format:

You can also download models in RVT format via our Revit Plugin


Which version of Autocad do you support?

Finalcad offers Plugins on Autodesk® Platforms: AutoCAD(TM) and Revit(TM)

The Plugins allows the addition, the management of the plans and if necessary their meshing for an addition directly on the projects. It ease aloso their update. For more information, you can consult our information about our plugins.

Finalcad supports the same versions as those supported by Autodesk (the last 4 versions released)

Lights versions of AutoCAD are not supported because they do not allow the use of add-ins.


Are Xrefs supported?

For plans integrated directly from our web page or an application, Xrefs are not supported

As part of adding plans via the plugin only, Xrefs are supported.

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