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💡As the web interface is directly linked to the Finalcad server (nothing is stored locally), this article only concerns mobile/tablet users.


The Finalcad application allows the volume of data stored on the device to be reduced by means of two methods:

  • Image Compression taken through the application.

The picture compression makes possibleto avoid image storage in its original format but to reduce the number of pixels stored and therefore the size of the media. However, the images remain fully readable and usable by all users. This saves storage space, without restricting the number of media added to an observation/form or any other module. (Your projects will also load faster)

Here is an example of available zoom before/after compression:


  • Smart Storage

Smart storage allows only recently viewed items to be stored on the device. After a period of 30 days without accessing the media, it will be automatically deleted locally. However, they remain available in the list and will be automatically re-downloaded in the event of consultation (subject to an active internet connection).

💡If you work mostly offline, this option is not recommended.


To view and change the status of these two options, go to your app's profile page, in <Storage> category.

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