How can I delete an item

💡 an item (observation, form, elements placed in a module, ...) is an entry in the system that can be assigned to a company or a person. It also has status. Only Administrator, Member and Guest roles can create an item.

An item created and synchronized with the server* can be deleted by:

  • His author
  • The project administrator

*An unsynchronized item can only be deleted by its author, on the device where it was created.

To Delete an item follow these instruction : 

Mobile Web

Two options are available to delete an item on mobile :

1. Long press


  • Make a long press on the line of the item, a contextual menu opens
  • Select <Delete>

2. Via details menu


  • From open observation
  • Select <...> at the top right
  • Select <Delete> at the bottom of the screen


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