📊 Project analytics

Finalcad offers since version 2.8 a visualization of the statistics of your project.
💡This option is currently only available on mobile or tablet. (iOS/Android)

To access a module's statistics dashboard, go to the module and please follow the steps:


1 - In the module, select <Select a view mode>
2 - Select <Dashboard>
You are now on the dashboard view.
(Perform the same operation by selecting <List> to return to the list of elements.)

The dashboard offers 3 views, which you can expand to get more details:


Breakdown by status : Quantities of module items sorted according to their status
Breakdown by models : Items distribution according to the categories of the libraries
Breakdown by Company : list of companies with the quantity of assigned items in the module.

🎯The home page project also offer the possibility to choose the type of counter displayed on the modules. To choose your counter :


1 - Make a long tap on the concerned module and select <Select module metric>
2 - Choose the number to display then select <Done>

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